How to join Insect School

Join the Insect School


How can people sign up to the school?

  • By sending an email to with subject ‘Insect School’ and mentioning what interest you have. On the side, also training courses will be offered and when mentioned online people can directly apply to these training courses.

Can I turn up anytime or is there a set schedule of when you run the courses?

  • The courses will be given at set times. Individual courses can be given at anytime keeping in mind 6 weeks advance notice.

How long do the course run for?

    • Online training, two half days.
    • On site training, for 5 days.
    • More on individual base people can come and run complete cycles in few weeks time.

How much do they cost?

  • Please send us an email with your request. For the training courses, prices should be mentioned at the description of the training course.

Can I rent a room at the Insect School?

  • Yes we offer the possibility that you for example use our production room to do feed trials. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Can we also organize trainings on the Insect School?

  • Yes. Also with the training courses we promote, Insect School is the facilitator but not the organizer. This for the very simple reason that Insect School doesn’t want to be a competitor when it comes to sharing knowledge, it wants to act as connector. For example if you’re an university and you already give a 4 day training, a consideration can be to have 1 day at the Insect School.

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