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At Insect School, our goal is to teach the world about Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming. Growing BSF is the future for protein production in the feed industry. Insect School is a platform for knowledge and education in this sector. We believe that if you are serious about changing the world, you can’t do it alone.

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Bob Holtermans

Founder & CEO

Bob Holtermans founded Insect Engineers in 2019. This company has the goal of making Black Soldier Fly farming as commercially attractive as possible, by supplying turnkey systems and by sharing knowledge through the Insect School.

A key characteristic of Bob is his practical approach. At a given point we must stop talking and put things into practice. According to his vision, that is the way to make a real difference.

Furthermore, Bob is available as a speaker for conferences in the insect sector. With his experience, expertise and humor, he will convey his enthusiasm about the Black Soldier Fly to the entire audience. Furthermore, he will show why BSF farming is the way forward. Contact us for the different possibilities.

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