Pig & Poultry Feed

The larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are an excellent natural food source for chickens and pigs. The animals can consume Black Soldier Fly  larvae as a complete powdered meal, as an oil, or as a meal of whole dried larvae. The larvae offer pigs and poultry a highly sustainable feed solution, with much higher protein and calcium content than traditional protein sources used in pig and poultry feed. In addition, the processed larvae taste better, which is an important factor in ensuring that the animals are happier.

A sustainable alternative to current options

Soybeans are currently commonly used as a protein source in pig and poultry feed. Yet there is increasing pressure against the use of soybeans as a source of dietary protein in animal feed. The main reason for this is that growing soybeans requires a large amount of arable land and natural resources, that could be used for more sustainable types of agriculture, for example by growing food crops. Moreover, soy cannot be grown in many tropical countries in which the needed natural resources are scarce, or in countries that are too dry.

Due to high import duties, importing soybeans is almost impossible financially. Therefore, a less expensive protein source is needed. The Black Soldier Fly is a more sustainable protein source because it can be grown entirely on waste and residual streams from food production. Research has shown that pigs and poultry fed on larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are as healthy or even healthier than animals fed on soybean.

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