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Dive into the fascinating world of black soldier fly biology with our fascinating course! Uncover the remarkable benefits of utilizing these incredible insects in waste management and agriculture, while gaining hands-on expertise in setting up and maintaining your very own black soldier fly farm.

Guided by seasoned experts, you’ll be captivated by the blend of live lectures and interactive discussions. Regardless of whether you’re a farmer, waste management specialist, or simply an eco-conscious individual, this course promises a treasure trove of valuable insights and knowledge for everyone. Don’t miss this chance to explore the sustainable practice of the future!


Get ready for a startup accelerator program, 3-day training into the world of Black Soldier Fly farming!

This intensive but fantastic training, put together by the team at Insect Engineers. We’ve packed the 3 days with a mix of engaging lectures, hands-on activities, group work, and field trips to show you what BSF farming is all about; more importantly, to accelerate your BSF business.

You’ll get to learn about:

  1.   The biology of Black Soldier Fly larvae & flies
  2.   Feed formulation via linear optimization
  3.   Rear, sieve, and process BSF larvae
  4.   Climate control and energy expenditure modeling
  5.   State-of-art breeding system and technique
  6.   Using the ZOEM racks and ZOEM filler
  7.   Capex, Opex, and ROI
  8.   Tips for business development
  9.   Field trips to see how waste handling or meal/oil processing workshop
  10. Join a network of knowledge, also after this training

Our experts from industry will be there to guide you, and because we only take 3-6 participants per course, you’ll get plenty of one-on-one time with them.

To join us, please send an email (subject with training date) at info@insectengineer.com

Price: 1998 euro/person. Price is excluding hotel and dinner cost. Lunch and drink, as well as transportation (between hotel and site) are provided.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you explore the fascinating world of BSF farming!

Online Course - June 2023 (Past Event)


In June 2023, we offered an online course on black soldier fly farming, where we introduced the basics of these amazing insects and how they can be used in agriculture and waste management. It was a four-week course, with live lectures and engaging discussions.

The course was taught by experts in the field, who shared their knowledge and experience with our participants. Whether they were farmers, waste management experts, or sustainability enthusiasts, they all found something interesting and useful in this course.

The course covered topics such as:

  • Black soldier fly biology and life cycle
  • Advantages of using black soldier flies in agriculture and waste management
  • Practical guidance on setting up and running a black soldier fly farm
  • Challenges and opportunities in the black soldier fly industry
  • Case studies and best practices from around the world

We had a great time with our participants and we hope they learned a lot from this course.

If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry – we’ll be offering more courses in the future. Just send an email to our coordinator at info@insectengineers.com to stay updated. We can’t wait to meet you and help you discover the potential of black soldier fly farming!

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