Waste & Recycling

Municipal solid waste management is considered one of the most immediate and serious environmental problems facing urban governments in low- and middle-income countries. This problem will only become more serious in the coming years, given the trends of urbanization and population growth. Organic waste materials (biowaste) constitute the largest fraction of all urban waste generated, with more than one-third of global food production for human consumption lost or wasted each year.

Processing virtually all organic waste

Many organic waste sources provide an excellent food substrate for the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. Under the right conditions, Black Soldier Fly larvae can feed on almost any organic waste, converting low-grade organic waste into high-grade nutrients, including large amounts of protein. Subsequently, the larvae can be used as animal feed. In addition, the waste produced by the larvae can be used for compost and biogas. As a result, the larvae of the black soldier fly provide an efficient and circular solution for processing biological waste.

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