Q&A: What possible industrial options do I have to grow BSF?

First important to clarify there are 3 stages in growing.

  1. Breeding (adult flies, eggs, young larvae).
  2. Production (about 5-14 day old larvae, sometimes also referred to as rearing or fattening).
  3. Processing.

The answer to the main question of this article is related to point 2, production.

In general there are two options you can choose from. Growing with trays (like 60x40cm) or growing with ZOEM racks (like 1,5x30mtr). Both systems go up in height to save the use of floor surface and to farm with the popular term vertical farming.

Step 1 and 3 can be seen independently from step 2. Strictly seen they could also be physically on a different location.

What option you should choose? We can have many answers on this question. Most likely in the future we will write an article explaining all the differences. For now we would advice you to get information about these options and find out what matches your plans.

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