BSF Male: nuptial gifts

Mated #BSF #Females have extended life span, probably , thanks to #Male nuptial gifts 🎁 (marriage transaction). #insectbehavior #breeding

Two transparent “windows” on Black Soldier Fly abdominal has to be investigated. The internal abdominal contents of BSF are mainly made up of fat reserves.
“Window” fullness does vary with age and sex. But the relationship between utilization of fat reserves as measured by “window” fullness and age is non-linear. In males, there is a gradual decrease in “windows” fullness as individuals aged, but this trend is less clear in females.

Regardless of mating status, males live longer than females. Interestingly, mated females live longer than unmated females.

#Females, especially mated individuals, were generally found to have full “windows” and almost never empty “windows”. Females may benefit by receiving biomass (ejaculates) with seminal fluid proteins that trigger oviposition and/or nutrients that can be incorporated into offspring production.
#Male nuptial gifts in the form of spermatophores (e.g.,sperm, protein, lipids, hydrocarbons, water, etc.) could provide an important supplement for females to be used for both maintenance and reproductive output. Such male nuptial gifts could explain the extended life span of mated female Black Soldier Flies compared to unmated females.
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