Incredible males!



We often wonder whether BSF males 1) have less sperm production due to ageing and non-feeding stage; 2) if sperm production is related to the body size.

While all wonder might be wrong.

An article from University of Tours, France, has drawn us attention.

  • The width (size) of the testis decreases over time in virgin black soldier fly males.
  • Sperm are present immediately after emergence.
  • Sperm counts increase in virgin males, at least until 20 days.
  • Sperm counts is correlated with age, but not related to males body size.
  • The minimum sperm count is 3125 for 0-day-old male
  • The maximum count is 52183 for 20-day-old male

Thinking practically, aging males might have lower sperm quality, impacting offspring development.

Although the research doesn’t provide definitive answers, interestingly, industry data suggests that eggs collected on day 9 (post-emergence) have lower hatchability compared to those collected on day 4.

Let’s stay curious and keep exploring the fascinating world of insect dynamics! 🌍🔍 #Entomology #ResearchUpdate

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The biology is quite educative

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