Q&A: Does a BSF farm create a smell?

Short answer:

If yes, then solutions like an air scrubber or bio bed are in place to remove the smell from the air. So, the surroundings of the BSF farm will have no issues regarding smell when a bio bed or air scrubber or similar is professionally installed.

Longer answer:

In a room we have to deal with heat, humidity, co2 and ammonia. This in combination with the activity of the BSF larvae, the air in a room needs to be refreshed. Fresh air enters the room and existing air leaves the room. The air which leaves the room can have a smell. This can be an odor or ammonia. In both cases the smell and ammonia need to be removed (ammonia by law and smell from the neighbors). Techniques of doing so are not new and have been used for decades in other industries. On the one hand you have techniques like an air scrubber. This is a machine where the air is guided through before it enters the environment. A more natural way of doing this is with a bio bed. Both have the same purpose, removing odor and ammonia from the air to end up with clean air going back into the environment.

Please note: the above measures are not in place when you have a pilot facility. The possible outcoming air this produces is that limited. The above goes for commercial facilities.

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