Q&A: Why choose for Black Soldier Flies?

There are many reasons why to choose the black soldier fly as your favorite insect to grow. Most likely this article will also be too limited to tell it all. But let’s highlight some main characteristics.

Handling of waste:

If you have organic waste streams like food, side streams which are not being consumed by other animals, up to manure. These are all possible ingredients as food for the BSF larvae. So even when leaving out the aspect of the possibilities in food and food, it’s already a great way of reducing waste.

High animal nutrition:

The BSF larvae will convert the given waste streams into protein. This insect protein can be used as an ingredient in animal feed. This can be animals which we produce for food, like for example fish, pigs, and chickens. But also pet food is a good sales market for the BSF farmer.


People often ask the question, what happens if the BSF escapes? That is the nice part, the black soldier fly eats when being in the stadium of larvae but not when being a fly. So, there is no risk at all that the BSF is attracted to food on our plates or on our agricultural lands. At the same time BSF are grown in climate-controlled rooms, often the outdoor climate is different and the BSF wouldn’t feel comfortable even leaving the farm.


Farming BSF is complete circular. On one hand you have the (processed) larvae as a product. On the other hand, the remaining frass can be used as an organic fertilizer for soil and plants.



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