Feeding in the adult: Reality or Fiction?

Feeding in the adult: Reality or Fiction?
9 out 10 people say “non-feeding adult stage, such as Black Soldier Fly”. However

The reality is that BSF does feed.

Water, sugar solution and protein solution are given to emerged flies based on the teamwork of Lupi et al. (2019) Starved flies survived shorter (~1 week) than all other fed-flies (>2 weeks). Flies’ #longevity#sugar-fed > #water-fed = #protein-fed > #starvation. An Interesting fact is that protein seems less important for the adult life, even in females who need proteins for the ovary maturation and egg development.  Probably, females obtain nutrients from males during mating, check our #nuptial gifts for some fun fact: https://lnkd.in/eUcaYK8y

Lupi et al. (2019) analyze (cut up) females to evaluate the development of ovaries. The length and the width of the ovaries are measured. Result is unexpected: female ovary development (reproduction organs) does not show differences regardless of different nourishment. (Wait! do you mean no any influence to egg maturation?)

Check out Lupi et al. (2019) paper for further detail if interested: https://lnkd.in/eqbKVFav

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