From Hatchling to Pre-Pupal


Determine BSF larvae stage through the size of head capsules (e.g., mouth part) and observation of a molt (e.g., shedding skins) between feeding-larvae and pre-pupal.

First instar: the larvae hatch from the eggs, also called neonate. The first instar becomes second instar larvae in less than 24 hours.

Second instar stays for 2 days. Within the 2 days, BSF larvae body mass and head capsule did not change so much.

From the second instar, a faster development occurs as the 3rd and 4th instar last only 1 day each.

Fifth instar lasts for 2 days (e.g., a window time for tipping or re-feeding).

The sixth instar spends 8 days actively feeding larvae before molting (i.e., see larval shedding the old skin) into the seventh instar.

Seventh instar (pre-pupal) has reduced mouthparts and enters non-feeding stage.

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