What are common Black Soldier fly larval substrates/raw materials in Western Europe?

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae can digest anything organic excepting lignocellulosic materials (e.g., wood chips, paper mills, wheat straw, etc.). In Western Europe, there are several common substrates/raw materials used for BSF larvae production, including:

  • Fermentation co-products: wheat yeast concentrate, grain residues from bioethanol extraction.
  • Wheat co-products: wheat bran, wheat gluten feed, wheat starch.
  • Brewery co-products: brewery’s grains, brewer’s yeast, expired beer.
  • Bakery co-products: waste bread, coolies mix.
  • Potato co-products: potato peels, fries mix, potato stack (waste), potato starch.
  • Corn co-products: corn steeping water, corn cob mix, maize-distiller’s dried grains with soluble (DDGS).
  • Dairy co-products: whey, lactose concentrate.

In the Netherlands, there are 2 suppliers listing all available substrate/raw materials that can be fed to Black Soldier fly larva; feel free to have a look:


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